How to make business plan

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It is irrefutable that every business owner wants to become a successful person. Before to start a business you needs business advice and make it plan how you can become a successful person and how you can make your business more successful.  It is obvious that successful business man never plan to rest. They always think about


Last month I worked 12 days straight with most of those being 12 hour days. Between studying a degree and being a parent there is little time for rest or loitering on the couch. At the end of that 12 day stint, when I finally stopped, I got a fever. Whilst its a little excessive

Xero payroll is fine, until you have more than 10 employees!

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Bold on software exists to help you when you need a more specialised payroll solution for your team

Get outsourcer ready

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It's important to be ready to shift to new technologies or processes in any business. Getting too comfortable means that you will quickly become a dinosaur. There are countless examples of where companies have reached the top only to be cut off at the knees by a fresher and more innovative company. Just look at

How to live the laptop life

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To me it means being able to run my business from my phone or laptop. It means flexibility and mobility. It means picking up where you left off whenever it is convenient.

How to protect against loss of business by saving your data in the cloud

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Last week my computer crashed due to an old and cluttered hard drive. Rather than having a costly and time intensive recovery, I saved myself the trouble of having a technician pull it apart and rescue the data. Not to mention the loss of trade until I got it back online. How, I hear you

Automation over involvement

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As an entrepreneur it can be more important to work on the business rather than in it. So  how do you do that? The answer is automation over involvement.  Running a business can often it require more attention than there are hours in a day. Sure you can delegate your activities to staff, but you

Getting information faster

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How often has a project been delayed because you didn't have the file with you or had to get back to the office to do something? There are lots of occasions that could have gone more smoothly if you had the details then and there. Invariably these are the items you need and not the

Why change it if it works? 

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Blood letting was once a legitimate medical practice (the 18th century practice of draining 'bad blood' for medicinal purposes) and so was burning witches. Over the years, society has grown with new realisations and technologies. Some people have embraced the new while others fear it. Businesses are no different. One of the worst things you

Forming an idea of the big picture

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I sometimes see great software but have no idea of how to apply it to my own business.