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Let us help you accelerate digital transformation to create more happy customers, next-level growth, and a scalable asset.

The best companies grow by embracing change

Not by resisting it.

Grinding it out is one thing, but elevating your business to the next level of growth may require a different perspective.

Relevate is a CRM consultant and IT managed service provider (MSP) specialising in digital transformation strategy and advisory.

We help you implement systems and software that ensure your business runs more smoothly and has fewer hiccups. Your customer is the most important person, so let us help you enhance their experience whilst making your business more profitable, valuable and resilient.

We saved 5 days per month in manual report creation. Now we get our monthly board reporting at the click of a button.
Zoe Black
CEO, Happy Paws Happy Hearts
We went from being able to handle 20 clients to being able to handle 200+ with our customer self service portal.
Greg Smith
Founder, Buntu

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As your business has grown, it has become harder to manage​


I’m Avon, and after talking with many business owners and executives, one thing is clear.

Things aren’t going as well as they would like.
One told me he felt like the Sun King – everything revolves around him.  Another said she wasn’t clear on what motivates customers.
Others haven’t fully made the transition to digital and are scared the digital revolution will leave them behind.

Digital Automation in Volatile Times

There are new threats in volatile times, but new opportunities emerge, too.
Can digital acceleration offer new opportunities for growth and long-term business value for your business?

Here is the problem with many businesses today (especially founder-led businesses):

  • Too much IP in the Founder’s brain.

And not enough is converted into duplicate systems and processes. 
Therefore, the real value of the business will be diminished.
Do you want to sell your business for a tidy sum in the future?  It won’t happen unless every method and process has been systemised and optimised. 
Anyway, if you’d like to discuss some of these issues (and explore how we might help you solve them), don’t hesitate to reach out.

Make an enquiry today.

Avon Collis

Founder and CEO


We will help you implement CRM and marketing automation systems to wow your customers.

But before then, we’ll discover your goals, generate ideas, develop a plan, and guide you through each step to a successful outcome.

Reach out for help.

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Business Automation

As a pioneer CRM Consultancy,  we implement CRM and Marketing Automation systems that WOW your customers and keep them coming back.

Digital Transformation Strategy and Advisory

Confused about what technology to use in your business? Do you have an array of disconnected systems? We help you build a growth plan that helps you get where you want to be.

IT & Managed Services

We avoid cookie-cutter strategies and tailor each service with a results driven approach. Additionally, we use best practice methodologies to ensure long term stability and scalability.


Improve your digital business skills


We have a range of digital business courses on improving your digital literacy


We have an online community forum where you can ask questions and solve problems.


Listen to business leaders and industry experts on marketing, sales and technology.

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We partner with some of the most trusted CRM and Marketing Automation platforms in the market. We believe in using scalable and reliable platforms capable of integrating with other systems you may already use, to offer you the best solution for your needs and bring your business into the digital age.

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"Your Customer is the most important person in your business, why not invest in your relationship with them and watch your business flourish."

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