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Restore calm and control, get closer to your customer, know them better, answer them quicker and provide an amazing customer experience. Digitally transform your operations with Relevate. We help you create exceptional and scale-able customer experience, get full visibility on your customer and empower your team with the power of connected data. Does your customer experience keep your customers coming back? Are your operations scale-able? Talk to us to find out more.

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Relevate is a CRM Consultancy and IT MSP specialising in Digital Transformation Strategy and Advisory. We help you to implement Systems and Software. We believe that your customer is the most important person in your business, are you doing everything you possibly can for them?

You have a ton of disconnected systems and you're trying everything you can to scale but things keep breaking.

You don't feel like you have any control over what is happening in your business, you can't get reports on anything, and you are flying blind.

The customer journey is not fully mapped, you don't know where your leads are coming from or where they are going. Everyone makes things up as they go along.

You don't know how customers feel or what they experience on their way to becoming loyal customers, or why they leave.

You're not happy with your current CRM or ERP systems, not sure how to use it properly, or you are doing everything manually.

You want your team to be more productive, your customers to be happier and to know what's going on at all times.

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Our mission is to help business owners to be better with sales, marketing and technology.

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Our clients’ success is in large part the result of a systematic and transparent approach. Also, we partner with our clients and guide them from idea to success. Accordingly, our marketing agency believe in creating sustainable and scalable business processes.

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Business Automation

As a pioneer CRM Consultancy,  we implement CRM and Marketing Automation systems that WOW your customers and keep them coming back.

Digital Transformation Strategy and Advisory

Confused about what technology to use in your business? Do you have an array of disconnected systems? We help you build a growth plan that helps you get where you want to be.

IT & Managed Services

We avoid cookie-cutter strategies and tailor each service with a results driven approach. Additionally, we use best practice methodologies to ensure long term stability and scalability.


Improve your digital business skills


We have a range of digital business courses on improving your digital literacy


We have an online community forum where you can ask questions and solve problems.


Listen to business leaders and industry experts on marketing, sales and technology.

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We partner with some of the most trusted CRM and Marketing Automation platforms in the market. We believe in using scalable and reliable platforms capable of integrating with other systems you may already use, to offer you the best solution for your needs and bring your business into the digital age.

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"Your Customer is the most important person in your business, why not invest in your relationship with them and watch your business flourish."

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