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CRM, marketing automation and business – how it all fits together. Unifying your business systems, helping you to make more consistent income with less work by making your customers #1.

CRM create 360 views of your customer.

Our clients’ success is in large part the result of a systematic and transparent approach. Also, we partner with our clients and guide them from idea to success. Accordingly, our marketing agency believe in creating sustainable and scalable business processes.

Business process automation (BPA)

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Automation reduces the need for a variety of processes by doing those repetitive activities that you or an employee must manually perform. This concept is one of the most important assets in your business and yet, so few people use them. By capturing the right data you can harness the power of automation and give you back your sanity.

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Automated Sales Process

It is imperative that your customers have an amazing experience. They need to get the right information right away. When that happens, you need a system that you can trust to accurately record all of your business’s activities so that you reduce duplicate effort and provide the right information to the customer at the right time.

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CRM Automation

The customer is the most important person in your business. Someday hopefully you will have too many customers and you can’t keep up with it all, and when that happens you need have a system that you can rely on to track everything that goes on in your business. Effective share knowledge and information about the customer across your team and effortlessly provide amazing customer service.

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Automated Financial Systems

Get greater visibility of your end to end sales process and put the customer at the centre of everything. A centralised customer information systems means that you can automate large portions of your business, like your accounting. Usually an afterthought of sales, accounting processes use the same customer record and a centralised system can help to humanise the financial aspect of the transaction.

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Our areas of expertise include digital marketing, website creation, and software such as Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, Microsoft, Keap, and more. In our experience, the customers are the most important people in your company; are you putting their needs first?

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Does your business stand up to the test and employ all the tactics and strategies of  a digital ready business in the fourth industrial age?

Take our free digital readiness test and get a digital skills assessment score so that you can benchmark your business against the new normal. 

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We partner with some of the most trusted CRM and Marketing Automation platforms in the market.

We believe in using scalable and reliable platforms capable of integrating with other systems you may already use, to offer you the best solution for your needs and bring your business into the digital age.

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