Why money is time and why being efficient matters

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On the 31st of March, at 1.30 am, I celebrated the birth of my baby girl. The next five days were a blur, late nights, broken sleep and dirty nappies. But through effective systemisation and automated reporting I was able to leave my business completely and not worry about anything. I am only a year

Time is money

Today I downloaded a timer app and timed myself programming new products into my point of sale. Toggle is a simple and free (I love free) online timer. The paid version allows you to track billable hours. Always think of your time as billable. If it is not worth doing, outsource it, automate it, delegate it

Introducing Relevate

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Hi, My name is Avon and I love efficiency. This is my first post for Relevate, which in Latin means to lighten or to restore ones stature. I own a busy CBD cafe, these types of businesses are generally very labor intensive and involve long days, and late nights doing paperwork. When I got into the business

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