Marketing Automation

How to Talk to Your Customers More With Less Time and Effort

Marketing Automation helps you to speak to more people in less time in the way they want to be spoken to with less effort and energy. It uses software to do the work and follow up with people until they take an action, unsubscribe or do business with you. Infusionsoft does this really well and in Zoho it’s done in Campaigns.

This video talks about Infusionsoft but the core concepts can be carried across any platform. It’s important to follow up consistently with people and to maximise the value you get from automation. Businesses that follow up 5 or more times enjoy 80% of the sales so it makes sense to ensure you are following up. While many salespeople give up early because of the effort or they may feel that its futile, software can keep the follow ups going without feeling bad, getting tired or giving up.

In Zoho One the platform that follows up with automation sequences is campaigns. You can also set up the Blueprint in Zoho CRM to create follow up tasks so that staff just have to carry out the tasks on the screen to get the job done. One way to make sure that staff do the right thing is to make sure that they have an easy to follow script. If they can follow the bouncing ball then anyone can do it and all of a sudden you have scalability.

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