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8 ways marketing automation will take your business to the next level

We all know marketing is important; you wouldn’t have business at all if you didn’t have some form of marketing in place to sell your products or services! However, anyone who’s done a bit of digital marketing themselves can tell you, it can get repetitive… and time-consuming… and requires high levels of detail… you get the picture.

Enter marketing automation. 

The team at Relevate are here to tell you how marketing automation will not only bring your business real value but also give you back the time you’d have spent on marketing to focus on what needs your attention.

1. Your sales team will love it

A good sales team will spend a fair amount of time generating leads. Even after they’ve carefully sourced out a few potential clients and put in the hard yards making connections, the leads won’t always pan out and result in a sale. Marketing automation software does the tedious work for you, leaving your sales teams with information-rich leads to tailor their sales strategies. If you include customer relationship management (CRM) tools into the mix, your sales team will have a wealth of valuable information on their clients which they can leverage to increase sales.

2. No more guesswork when developing a marketing campaign

When marketing automation software generates leads, it will also give you invaluable information. It will indicate who is the best fit for you products and services, which clients are most likely to make a purchase, and how interested/engaged your customers are with your products and services. With this kind of information, developing a highly effective campaign becomes so much simpler.

3. What doesn’t it do?!

Marketing automation software does so much for businesses, you might be wondering if the next updates will make your coffee for you too. You will be able to automate emails, lead generation, up-selling strategies, retention, ROI measurement, and lead nurturing all in the same, consistently branded voice. All you have to do is organise the collateral you want to be sent out and the software will take care of the rest. It truly is the best way to conduct a multi-channel marketing campaign.

4. Insightful analytics are but a click away…

One of the greatest parts of marketing automation software is the high-quality, rich data you’ll get from each campaign. This data allows you to further segment your market and create strategic, multi-channel marketing strategies that will generate more sales for your business! Plus, if one of your campaigns didn’t perform as well as expected, you’ll have the data to understand the ‘why’ at your fingertips. Your campaigns will only get stronger with time.

5. Your customers will feel recognised

If you were to go through each email you send to customers and figure out who they are, where they are, what they want, and how to secure the sale, you’d spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week on that alone! Marketing automation software has the ability to personalise each piece of marketing collateral you send out, so your customers will feel seen and you’ll have saved so much time.

6. More ROI? Yes please.

The days of ‘spray and pray’ marketing will be over. You won’t have to worry about what’s working and what’s not working; in fact, the more campaigns you run, the more curated your marketing will become. Marketing automation will allow you to control your marketing budget down to the cent, so you’ll only be spending money where you know it’ll pay off.

7. “You’ve got mail!”

Do you ever spend ages crafting a well-worded email to send out to clients only to have dismal open rates? Marketing automation software will take care of that for you. Now, automated emails do not equal spam. This software will ensure your emails are opened through subject line optimisation, filled with eye-catching content, and sent at the perfect time, so your clients will take the time to read your emails.

8. Keep track of everything in one place

When you’ve got emails, advertisements, social media posts, articles and other marketing collateral launching at different times, it can be difficult to manage. When you have marketing automation software, however, everything is in one place. You can edit, create, send, monitor, and develop a consistent tone of voice for your campaign. If everything you need is at your fingertips, you’re going to waste a lot less time managing your business’s marketing.

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