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Attention Accountants–5 Ways to Save Time this EOFY with Zoho CRM

EOFY for many accountants means long days of crunching the numbers, fielding never-ending client questions and managing tight deadlines, all the while trying to keep it together to survive the busiest time of year.

But, there is an affordable way to stress less this EOFY and keep your clients happy. Introducing: Zoho CRM. It’s inexpensive Customer Relationship Management software that keeps track of all your client information in one place and combines that with clever automation systems to save you time.

Here are five tried and true ways that accountants like you have been able to use Zoho CRM to save some serious time at EOFY:

1. Going Beyond Basic Practice Management

Keeping track of jobs and billable hours is essential for all accounting firms. The problem with some accounting practice management tools is that they’re too focussed on time tracking, with not enough attention on building in-depth customer relationships.

Zoho CRM lets you keep track of every client interaction easily with the ability to:

  • Email directly within the platform;
  • Have every email on-hand and stored correctly for each contact;
  • Automatically log phone calls; and
  • Even auto-populate client information from emails straight into your database. Talk about saving time!

You can even link your social media accounts and see every interaction that your company has ever had with current and prospective clients.

2. Chasing Documents Without the Hassle

One of the biggest EOFY time drainers is chasing up clients for copies of their financial documents. Instead of slogging through endless phone calls and emails, put Zoho CRM to work by setting up automated workflows to chase up client documents on your behalf.

3. Warming Up Your Leads Automatically

During this hectic time of year, it can be difficult to follow up with prospective clients while delivering above and beyond for your existing ones. Zoho CRM can help by automatically sending a series of pre-prepared emails to warm leads who have downloaded info or filled out a form on your website.

4. Finding the Best Time to Call

If you’ve ever played multi-day phone tag with one of your clients. You’ll appreciate the time-saving magic of Zoho CRM’s Zia feature. It analyses past emails and phone calls and tells you the best time to contact your client. I can hear the collective sigh of relief out there.

5. Last But Not Least: Coffee

Teamwork and collaboration are made easy with Zoho CRM as everyone can see the right customer data, including your admin assistants (don’t worry, you can keep more sensitive data private and secure by tailoring staff CRM permission levels).

Next time your client visits the office, impress them and save time by having their coffee ready just the way they like it–without having to ask. It’s all in the CRM. Now, that’s service!

Over to You

You can trial Zoho CRM for free here. If you’re interested in integrating all aspects of your accounting firm into one easy to use package, have a chat with me today about Zoho One.  Now’s the time to get serious about saving time in your business.

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