Case Studies

MT Accountants

Build a CRM system to capture business processes, manage leads, create reports on lead sources and key revenue streams for separate business units. Automate workflow steps and processes.  


This accounting firm has a team of 45 staff and was tracking all of its customer information in spreadsheets. While accountants are good at using spreadsheets there was often data errors, duplication and the customer management system lived in an innocuous document on the server.  


Moving to a cloud CRM system the firm was able to replicate the functions of the spreadsheet and add a layer of data validation, a plethora of reports and could maintain security and control over who could do or see what. Having an online system meant that they could now save client emails against the contact records automatically and important project information was not lost. They could even deliver a higher level of service such as having group visibility over high net worth client visibility so that the admin assistant can have the clients favorite coffee waiting for them when they walk in the door. 

KDM Financial

Create a workflow management system and map processes to existing industry specific CRM that complies with financial regulations and audit control. 


In the finance industry there are a range of CRM systems that are specifically designed to meet regulatory needs to meet license requirements. These platforms often meet the legal requirements well but do not manage the customers service side or process delivery side of the business. We helped KDM with a workflow management system as they have a 3month onboarding process for each client and wanted to be able to track a large number of client timelines moving between a large number of roles and manager approvals throughout their 20 person teamTo help KDM financial fund the project we assisted them in applying for a Government Digital Business Grant which gave them $20,000 in funding towards the workflow management system and 3 other projects we have planned with them in 2020. 

Tactical Edge Hobbies

Implemented a Marketing Automation and chatbot platform for a retail business in collaboration with a social media marketer to deepen the relationship with customers and increase the average spend. 


As an online retail business that can have a customer lifetime value between $200-2000 it makes sense to try and get most customers to the larger end to reduce the overall cost of advertising. To do this we implemented a marketing automation system that onboards new customers and educates them not just about the product but the sport and the lifestyle. This helps customers to join the product user community and ultimately gets them to spend more. These automations are done via email marketing and Facebook messenger tools that allow increased presence with the customer and allows the company to build one to one journeys at scale with them.  

She Maps

Provision of a new Customer Relationship Management System suited specifically to the needs of the client with built in compatibility to current software systems utilised (such as accounting and Learning Management Systems). Creating a new Intranet to assist staff with learning how to use the CRM and maintaining the quality management system. 

She Maps (originally SheFlies) needed to run a number of similar events and needed a way to convert deals into projects, to then book people into sessions and then manage the event all the way through to completion while managing communications with all stakeholders.


Helping People Acheive

Surprisingly many organisations are really bad at following up. HPA is a not for profit organisation in the Northern Territory. They needed a way to communicate with customers about their brand message and product offering. Relevate implemented a Marketing Automation system that emailed their re-buy customers every month with a click to call button and issued a call task to the internal team to call anyone that had not clicked the button. After two months HPA called Relevate asking for the email automation to be turned off becuase they could not keep up with the amount of orders. Rather than turning off the reminders we extended them to every second month, now HPA has a demand generation process that they can use to get more business any time they need.