Case Study

After purchasing a Gloria Jeans franchise, the new owners found it to be a paperwork heavy, high maintenance business with long days making coffee and long nights doing paperwork. Employee turnover was high and that meant the 20 page on-boarding pack had to be printed, signed, had to go back and forth for missing information and then had to be entered, scanned, and filed multiple times. This process and payroll alone was 20 hours per month worth of work for 12 employees along with all the errors and amendments. Beyond this was bookkeeping tasks, learning the business and fixing problems.

Relevate implemented a managed online payroll system that includes an employee portal, facial recognition scanner and has an electronic on-boarding component. This managed system allows a second set of professional eyes to review the pay run to ensure that no mistakes are made. The system stops ‘buddy punching in’ and dishonest clock in/out, allows better communication with staff and more simplified rostering. It also improves compliance and minimises data entry time to the accounting system, along with the errors that come with it. With super stream compliance and auto debit from the bank account it’s hard to make a mistake. This solution saves 20 hours per month on average freeing up time for other parts of the business or for personal endeavours. A further 20 hours per month was saved by implementing online and remote bookkeeping services which do away with the receipts shoebox and mountains of paperwork.

Further areas for improvement were identified and developed over time such as an online checklist and chat app for store communication. This meant that all of the staff know what is going on at all times which significantly reduces the constant questions to the manager of “how do I do this?”.

Improvement stats:

– Reduced wage costs by $65,000 p.a. or 20% by implementing payroll system and structuring employment
– Reduced Employee turnover by 18% through better communication and happier employees
– Reduced administration time by 40 hours per month though payroll system and online bookkeeping services
– Reduced printing requirements by 30% by using electronic communication systems
– Improved managerial productivity by introducing knowledge management system that allows staff to self-solve problems

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