Zoho One 5 New Apps

5 New Zoho Apps to Improve your Business 

Zoho one is the platform for businesses to integrate all their business activities into one central space. Think sales, marketing, operations, finance and HR all in one place – plus many more apps.  

You can collaborate with your team, work on projects with clients, manage prospects through lead generation funnels and many more activities. 

Zoho One includes more than 40 different apps that you can use across your business. This central location of business activities improves collaboration, decreases duplication and promotes knowledge sharing. 

Some of the top Zoho Apps include CRM, Forms and Bigin to capture leads, Mail to store everything in one place, Projects to collaborate with clients, Bookings to manage invoices including recurring payments and Campaigns to send out marketing material.  

But there is more! 

Zoho One has recently released 5 New Apps to Improve your Business. Learn more about each new Zoho One App below and how it can improve your business and Projects to collaborate internally and externally. Or watch the below YouTube Video.

Zoho Lens 

In an office your colleague has a problem, you walk over to them and help them solve a problem. Easy! 

But as our physical spaces have broadened and we work from different locations (sometimes across the world) helping out a colleague is not that simple anymore. 

Until Zoho Lens uses Augmented Reality (AR) to combine our physical and virtual spaces. With Zoho Lens, you can access the camera of a smartphone user and help solve a problem, just like you are there but with cool tech advances. 

If you were there onsite, you would point to something. On a virtual screen, with Zoho Lens, you can easily highlight objects and use other annotation tools such as drawing and writing. 

In physical spaces, sometimes we want to take a photo of a situation. It would be a great learning opportunity in the future to teach someone what not to do! Easily take a snapshot for later use or record the whole session to review later on and discuss lessons learnt.  

During the session, you can also freeze the image to explore and further discuss the problem. These discussions are not just with you and the smartphone user. You can invite many other experts with different experiences to the AR session to collaborate and solve the problem together – finding a faster solution across the globe! 

You can use Zoho Lens for many situations such as helping with technical support, observing students completing a task (for assessment purposes), or have fun and create a scenario-based learning activity. 

Zoho Learn 

Think onboarding and a knowledge base combined. Zoho Learn is a place for articles, manuals and courses for your team to learn and share knowledge.  

With Zoho Learn, you can build training materials and measure their effectiveness and results. Each employee can have different access privileges, so your experienced employees can create and share content first. Or limit new staff to only onboarding content – you don’t want to bombard them with a full knowledge base suite … yet. You can drip the onboarding content to new employees to create a specific onboarding journey for them. 

Analytics allows you to view the progress of your staff, understand the effectiveness of your courses and run knowledge checks to identify the success of the training content. You can see all of this within a timeline of activities, too. 

Your employees will have access to a discussion board that promotes collaborative learning and can quickly retrieve content that is relevant to them with the powerful search engine. 

Zoho TeamInbox 

Knowledge sharing doesn’t have to only happen within a Learning Management System, you can collaborate and share knowledge via email too! Of course, that was obvious. We can all send emails. 

But what about a central place where you can share inboxes with teams, so you no longer have to duplicate emails. Information is shared and emails are collaboratively completed with Zoho TeamInbox. You can also make things faster by automating repetitive tasks. 

With everything in one place, team members can have complex conversations where everyone within the TeamInbox is involved. Collaboration made easy! No need for back-and-forth emails, where someone accidentally (or purposefully) does not click ‘Reply All’!  

Simply send an email and discussions can be added as comments to the email! The comment thread can be assigned to an employee so that you can ensure you have a clear inbox. Simply archive completed conversations or snooze not-so-important threads.  

What’s more, is that you can have a personal inbox in addition to the shared inboxes. You can create clear spaces for collaboration and separate your personal emails.  

Your security is Zoho TeamInbox’s priority, the app is secure and GDPR compliant. 

Zoho DataPrep 

Cleaning data for import can be a bothersome and manual task, taking up hours of your time. But you can eliminate manual scripts to clean your data by using Zoho DataPrep. 

Easily clean and import your data by using the machine learning capabilities that DataPrep offers. Simply prepare data from over 50 sources, find and fix errors to improve data quality and sync the prepared data to other platforms. 

DataPrep helps you to increase the accuracy of data and provides you with the opportunity to conduct deep dives into your data, creating valuable analytics.  

Transform your raw data to organised and prepared data using DataPrep’s AI transformation engine. You can then reuse the same transforms for other data sets to make data management even more efficient.  

Sync prepared data to Zoho Analytics and others such as Google Cloud SQL, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Aurora (plus others) 

Use Zia Search to conduct a system-wide search of metadata using the data catalogue such as categories and custom tags 

 Zoho Commerce 

Ready to create your eCommerce website in minutes? With Zoho Commerce, you can manage and market your store easily. There is no longer any need to manage your orders manually. 

Turn your shop into an online shop.  

You can extend the capabilities of your store by connecting other Zoho Apps such as Campaigns, CRM, Books, Marketing Automation and Inventory. You can turn Zoho Commerce into a powerful engine that is easy for you to manage and a smooth experience for your website visitors.  

Sign up for a free trial to Zoho Commerce here. 


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