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If you have a lot of projects on your hand, you need a dedicated and comprehensive tool to help you eliminate the hassle and make the experience grow the way you want. Zoho Projects is a very good tool here, because it’s a cloud-based project management solution. Small and even medium sized businesses can use it because it offers amazing ideas like project budgeting and scheduling, as well as estimating project costs, defining tasks and even assigning those tasks to teams while also following up on a variety of different things. It just makes the process feel convenient and professional all the time.

Dedicated charts and automating tasks

Zoho Projects has a great range of different charts that you can use. These allow you to build a project plan and also track tasks as you go along. You can showcase what tasks are critical and which are not, which is something you need to keep in mind. If you want, you can automate tasks in order to save time. The workflow can be very simple or very complex, but you can easily customize and manage it as you go along throughout the entire process.

Managing social projects

It’s nice to see that Zoho Projects also covers things like social project management. It allows you to access social comments and posts that you can comment on. You can also set up pages, start discussions via forums and also create a public chat room for proper discussions in a creative manner.

Professional reporting

The Zoho Projects system allows you to track everything related to your project in reports. It helps a lot and it does bring in that sense of quality and value in a meaningful way. You can also check task reports that you can group based on owner, how much of them is completed, priority and status or milestones. It’s a great way to access the reports you need, and the results can be very comprehensive.

Outstanding time tracking

It’s important to know how much time you and your team spend on a customer’s project. Once you know that, it’s easier to create timesheets and that’s something to take into consideration. Zoho Projects also has Invoice integration, which means you can generate invoices for clients very quickly and without a problem. The entire process takes just a few clicks. You can also plan events and spread milestones or tasks via the calendar, which is really handy.

Tracking issues

Zoho Projects allows you to report issues and even have an attachment for it if needed. You can also define rules and also set the right expectations via automating the service level agreements. It’s even possible to add some notifications as needed, and results can be among some of the best every time.

Overall, it’s easy to see that Zoho Projects is among some of the best products that you can find on the market. It comes in handy and it brings in front a rewarding experience every time. You just have to check it out for yourself and see how much it can help your business. You will be incredibly impressed with the results it can provide.

Zoho Projects

Project management makes complicated tasks easy, 80% of project information is stuck in email. It’s great being able to email to task or update or file.

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