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Zoho Connect is a professional team collaboration software. If you want to work on a large project and you need to adapt it professionally to your own needs, a tool like Zoho Connect can help you a lot. It allows you to access the resources and tools required to complete tasks a lot faster. You can complete any tasks you want, adapt everything to your needs and focus on the best experience.

Comprehensive Teamwork Solutions

One of the top advantages of Zoho Connect is that it allows you to create groups for every project. This way every team can work on their own project uninterrupted. But if they need to communicate with others they are still able to do that. In addition, Zoho Connect has a group feed where you can find opinions, share files and a variety of other content. You can also create your own communication channel. If you want to make decisions or focus on specific ideas, this can work very well for you.

They also added a forum option, where you can talk with other people and solve problems together. It’s also nice to see that you can create, compile and then share all the materials your team needs for that project. They can also modify everything at their own pace without any worries.

Tracking Tasks and Events

It can be very tricky to manage and handle tasks during the day, but thankfully Zoho Connect can be used to communicate and even delegate if needed. You can also track events on your own page and you can see what meetings you need to attend or what calls you need to make. You can easily create a list of tasks and adapt that to your own schedule.

Custom Apps and Integrations

You can easily automate tasks with ease and you will also notice that Zoho Connect is fully integrated with all similar tools you might need. It just helps eliminate the hassle while making connectivity better and a lot more convenient every time.

Network Management

To make things even better, Zoho Connect manages to add in a variety of creative ideas to the table too. You can sync users in the active directory with the Zoho network if you want. You can also customize the network to suit all your needs and requirements. Since you’re the admin, you are free to choose what members are doing within the network.

Analytics and Reporting

With Zoho Connect you can also track how members are interacting. You can see who interacts the most, what kind of interactions they pursue and so on. This helps you reward those persons that actually do a very good job. And yes, you can create reports based on that. On top of it, you can also export data as needed.


Zoho Connect is the ultimate communication tool for teams. It’s designed with high quality and value in mind, and it brings in front a tremendous array of benefits. You will find it very comprehensive, full of ideas and the results themselves can be staggering.

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