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Couchside Discussion Panel on Digital Transformation CRM and Sales

A panel discussion on sales and marketing between 3 heavy hitters in the industry.

Floris Blok – Founder of Blok Business Consulting – Customer Experience, Marketing Strategy and Digital Transformation expert

Jeremy Pearce – Mastermind Sales Initiative – Sales Trainer and Coach

Avon Collis – Relevate – CRM and Marketing Automation Specialist

We discuss all things sales and marketing and discuss 2 of the most important things in your business. The customer and the strategy. Small Business can pick up and run with big data, trends and insights identified by big business. Small businesses are more agile and a plethora of cheap software on the market means that small businesses can punch well above their weight when it comes to the customer experience.

Never before have you had the chance to build a personal brand like you can today.

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The Sales and Marketing

Join Avon Collis, Floris Blok and Jeremy Pearce as we discuss all things sales, marketing, digital transformation and technology. We frequently have a range of guest and expertise that you can learn from. Check out the latest and other episodes by clicking below:


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