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How to Earn Passive Income – A Step By Step Guide

There is a plethora of blogs and videos of people trying to educate you on what passive income is and why you need it in your life and then listing a bunch of seemingly helpful ways in a list on how to do it. Every time I read one it seems to be the same cursory old thing over and over without being helpful in any way shape or form.

The frustration of reading the same thing over and over without actually learning anything drove me to write my own article on how to make free money from affiliate links in a step by step guide.

LastPass is a platform you can sign up for that I think everyone should use. Its free and if you refer people to the paid plans you earn 25% of the sale. It is a simple way to get started and once you have done it once you can do it again on a range of other affiliate programs. It’s a way to start the flow of passive income while you sleep.

To sign up as an affiliate you can often google the platform name then partner program. If it is something you use, like or it is relevant to your audience then investigate how you can make money on it.

Next you sign up for the program, this usually is a simple form and some questions. Sometimes they have certain rules, other times you can just get a link.

Use your affiliate link, this usually has some extra parameters in it that identify to the platform that the traffic came from you.

Paste your affiliate link behind a button, link, image etc on your site.

Write relevant content that your audience needs to see or write, then you can direct them to the link.

When they click and buy, you get a clip of the ticket. Simple as that.

You can try this with our webhosting company Rippa Hosting just click the link and become an affiliate by creating a free account and then click on the affiliate program. Then you can use the link anywhere and get 20% when you sign up for web hosting. Plus the sign up bonus.

LastPass is the password manager and you can use my link.

Click here

If you liked Zoho Sites you can click.

Click here

If you liked the idea of the T-Shirt fulfilment platform you can click here.

Click here

Passive income helps you to stabilise your income and focus on what you really want to do. 


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