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Personalisation is the Key to a Successful Email Marketing

Many organisations are embracing email customization as a tactic to create more engaging email experiences. Emails that seem less like a robot and more like a friend—in order to overcome that.

It doesn’t get much better than this. When it comes to email personalisation, you don’t need to go overboard. To get a better idea of what I’m talking abou. Have a look at these 13 creative examples of personalised emails. Click here to get it now: Email Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide [Free Ebook]

13 Examples of Customized Emails You Can’t Resist Opening

1) OpenTable

According to my profile, there are few things in life that offer me as much happiness as a memorable supper. Because of this, OpenTable is one of my favourite brands. Make reservations online, and the system remembers your favourite restaurants and helps you discover new ones based on your ratings and reservation history.

When I reserve a table through OpenTable, I receive an email with a personalised subject line asking how my most recent dinner was. This motivates me to give a review.

For OpenTable to know which restaurants to serve me. I’m already enthused, but a customised subject line with a reminder of where my previous appointment was helps to bolster my interest.

2) JetBlue Airways

JetBlue, oh my. There was no need for you to have done this.

Emails like this one show how a simple date can be used to create a memorable experience for a company. An email from JetBlue congratulated my colleague’s account creation date since they’ve been “emailing every day for 365 days already.”

Using a set date or property-based process, Relevate customers can easily reproduce this email for their contacts. Using this feature, you may send anniversary emails, digital birthday cards, renewal reminders, and more, all based on a calendar date. We also provide a Transactional Email Add-On if your company sends out a large number of these emails.

3) There are three ways to listen to Spotify:

If you’re looking for an example of a well-targeted customised email, check out this one.

In this email from Spotify, the text is very powerful because it frames the personalisation in a way that makes the recipient feel like they’re being rewarded for their use. In order to make the user feel special, phrases like “top listener”, and “first to obtain access” are used.

As a final touch, the email includes a textual call-to-action encouraging recipients to listen to Charles Kelley’s new song on Spotify. To reiterate, this push serves to keep users engaged with the streaming service and therefore constantly reminded of its worth.


Last Halloween, Relevate’s blogging staff dressed up as the dancing pumpkin man from this popular video. A bundle of bananas? That was our costume for last year.) Before we decided to make our own orange masks. My coworker Lindsay Kolowich went out on an Amazon expedition to locate us the genuine article.

A few days later, she received an email from Amazon with “items comparable to full face plastic pumpkin masks” in it. (Isn’t it terrifying how many of them there are?

We hope this email helps you better understand what you should be doing to keep your customers engaged with your firm, and how you can leverage their search history to do so.


Before I started working at Relevate, I was about to graduate from business school and actively searching for employment. It feels like a lifetime ago.

For my job hunt I frequently utilised LinkedIn. A business-oriented social network that was paying attention to the listings. I was interested in responding to. Linkedin gave me a daily email with a list of jobs it believed I could be interested in.

It’s odd that LinkedIn didn’t use this email to solicit paid business from me. To put it another way, LinkedIn had an algorithmic eye on the areas and types of work I was looking for. To be fair, some were more relevant and could be clicked on than others; yet they were all accessible.

Surely you noticed that. Clickable. Even if none of these positions grabbed my interest. I had roughly 250 classmates who would have considered them, which would have sent even more traffic to

So think about what will make your content clickable and how you can utilise tailored emails to drive visitors to your site. Then, build up procedures to remind subscribers how to keep reaping the benefits of these personalised communications.

6) It’s a Bowery Show!

As a relic from my New York days, this email exemplifies the power of using geolocation to deliver a more personalised inbox experience.

The Bowery Presents emailed me a list of gigs from New York venues, where I purchased tickets for numerous shows. when I was living there, for acts that were comparable to those I saw live.

In the end, what happened when I booked tickets to watch one of these musicians perform in Boston? Re-personalized my email notifications to notify me of upcoming events in my area.

The Bowery Presents lowers the barrier between me and the point of purchase by making it easy for me to see what’s coming and when.

An organisation seeking to communicate with foreign prospects and customers in a more meaningful way would find this form of customisation incredibly useful.

For free email marketing platform, Relevate, you may utilise a contact’s location to customise your communications, like The Bowery Presents’ campaign.

Seventh, use of Twitter

Twitter sent my colleague Corey Wainwright a follow-up email after she started following one of her favourite brunch places.

What’s more, a few of the recommendations were just a few blocks away from her. (Welcome to our new food selections.)

With as much data as Twitter, firms normally go one of two ways when it comes to personalisation. They either strike the nail on the head or have too much data to go through and find what matters most. This is a good example of providing what Corey genuinely cares about in the most effective way possible.

8) Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaii is one of my favourite locations on the earth. For a time, I couldn’t quite bring myself to schedule a trip back, but now I’m ready to go.

Until I received this Hawaiian Airlines birthday email. Instead of giving me a lei for my birthday, as is customary in Hawaii, the airline decided to reward me with 500 more miles only for making a reservation for a trip within the next year. The greeting of “aloha” is quite appropriate.

This email has more than one interesting detail. Because I’m a member of the Hawaiian Airlines Mileage Plan. I received it as one of my “rewards,” which includes emails like these. Because I had a specific goal of returning to Hawaii at some time in the future, the airline understood that I signed up for the loyalty programme.

As a result, Hawaiian Airlines sent me a personalised email with a birthday greeting in order to get me to book that vacation. One of the best ways for firms to get customers to return is to use a specific date, like an anniversary date, to remind them why they liked your company in the first place. Offering a commemorative item from your company gives your audience an incentive to take action and make a purchase.

9) Relevate’s Academy

Licenses and certificates are a big deal. They’re worth their weight in gold. They aid in the acquisition of expertise and the mastery of knowledge. It enhances your own brand to have them. However, they must also be maintained up-to-date, and forgetting to do so might be all too simple if you aren’t reminded.

If you’ve earned any Relevate credentials, you’re aware that this isn’t always the case. When it comes to letting certification holders know which credentials they now hold. Which ones need to be renewed, which ones they might want to add to their collection, and when new credentials become available. Our Academy staff develops customised email messages.

Relevate Academy’s senior growth marketing manager, Eric Peters, described how emails like this are made to function. Users can see which certificates are accessible to them by clicking on the “smart” certification boxes in the preceding email.

Partners have access to all nine certifications. Peters claims there are eight for customers, and four for non-customers. If the user is currently certified, their Smart CTA will show as a distinct colour based on whether the certification is valid (meaning they passed within the past 395 days), expired, or unfinished.” “The Smart CTAs are “integrated in a smart rich text box,” he explains. They direct visitors to a website that describes the certification in detail.

If you’re a Relevate Professional or Enterprise client, you can use your CTA tool to generate Smart CTAs like this in your own emails.

10) Watching movies on Netflix

Netflix search takes longer than real viewing time, am I the only one?

The company knows how daunting its database may be for certain consumers. So it sends out these tailored email suggestions all the time. (If you’re interested in brushing up on the science behind Netflix’s algorithms, go here.)

Netflix ensures that its subscribers perceive the value of their membership by offering a personalised suggestion. To put it another way, it keeps people engaged, which means they’ll keep paying for the service.

Ebooks, webinars, and blog posts are just a few examples of the kind of marketing products that might benefit from this strategy. Set up a procedure, for example, to send a follow-up email recommending that they look at your SlideShare social media guide. If they download an ebook on social media advice.

Pinterest is the eleventh item on the list.

Pinterest sent this personalised email to my friend Ginny Mineo in an effort to keep her pinning. The social network made some suggestions for future reading material based on her previous involvement on the site. In the words of Ginny: “Butter, Lauren Conrad, and cheese.”

I’d say the findings were very accurate, given that she was planning a yellow-themed wedding at the time.

Email’s simplicity is one of its greatest appeals. There are just six themes covered, so it won’t be boring for the receiver. Not to mention, it’s a breeze to read.

WeddingWire, number 12

WeddingWire, an online marketplace for wedding venues, cakes, gowns, and other wedding-related things, sent Mineo this email sample.

Even while the material was well-written in and of itself, the subject line’s use of personalisation truly caught our attention. Unless you get your receivers to click, they won’t view your material, right?

WeddingWire got Ginny to open the email, check out their tool for making hashtags, and forwards it to the rest of us by utilising a clever, bespoke hashtag in the subject line — #GinnysLastHurrah.

Your product or service’s word-of-mouth power can be boosted by incorporating customization into your marketing strategy.

Birchbox (13th)

Birchbox is a firm that is obsessed with personalisation in all the right ways, and this email’s header shows why.

Before sending this email to my colleague Carly Stec, Birchbox confirmed that they had had a look at her previous samples and purchase history. After that, she had an inkling that what occurred next might be of interest to her.

Carly’s loyalty to the Birchbox service is bolstered by the small, personalised messages that she receives.

Let’s Talk About Something Personal.

Customers in the United States say they’re more inclined to switch providers than a decade ago, and personalisation is the best way to keep them committed to your service.

Even more so, personalising your messages is now easier than ever before. All of your client data can be kept track of using an integrated CRM and email marketing platform. Observing, analysing, and investing in the behaviour of your customers may assist in ensuring that they remain customers. So get to know your customers on a personal level, and you’ll be able to keep them coming back for


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