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How to Win the Sale Every Time Using These 10 Steps

For individuals who have lost a deal because of a lack of agreement, it can be even more difficult to stomach.

An eagerness was present. There was enough money for everything. The moment was just right. So what went wrong here?

Iannarino says closure isn’t just a question of asking for the customer’s business when all is said and done. It’s a far more complex process. As a result, closing is actually a series of agreements that the salesman achieves from the customer.

A virtual summit hosted by, Iannarino outlined the 10 commitments that lead to the final closure during his presentation. Your transactions may be failing to close because you’re missing out on one of these vital phases. More of an artist? Check out the infographic at the bottom of this article.

1) A Time Commitment is Essential

In order to begin the purchasing process, a salesman must be able to secure a meeting time with their prospect. According to Iannarino, time is the first commitment that sales agents should gain from potential customers. As an example of how to show customers that you understand their time constraints, he suggested stating, “If you give me X minutes, I promise I won’t squander a single one of those minutes.”

2) Make Sure That You Have a Firm Commitment to The Project

After the prospect agrees to give you some time, they must also agree to work with you to find answers to the challenges you’re facing. What would it look like if their company underwent a shift?” “When it comes to doing discovery work, Iannarino says you should let your customers participate in the process as well.

3) A Commitment to Change Must be Secured in Order to Proceed.

To conclude a deal, Iannarino remarked, is more challenging than committing to a new direction. But it’s critical if you want to close the transaction.” “You have to ask the consumer whether they’re prepared to make changes, invest money, modify internal procedures [and] dedicate attention to this,” Iannarino stated. A lead, rather than an opportunity, is all you have until you can get genuine about what transformation looks like in their company.

4) In Order to Work Together, You Must Get a Pledge of Cooperation.

You can’t have a successful sales process if you’re just relying on your customers or your salespeople. According to Iannarino, consumers are well-versed in their problems and have perspectives on how to address them, therefore salespeople must work with them to develop a solution together.

5) Obtain a Commitment in Order to Achieve Consensus

“When I look at agreements that have reached a dead end due of a lack of unanimity, this is usually what I see,” Iannarino remarked. In order for your product or service to fail, you only need one dissident stakeholder. In light of this, salespeople should ask their contacts to include all important parties in the purchase process and assist those stakeholders in getting on board.

6) Make a Firm Commitment to Put Money into The Company

According to Iannarino, “better, quicker, and cheaper” does not exist.”

“If you’re actually providing a solution that’s going to move their business ahead, you’re going to have to ask them to make the investment,” he continued.

7) Obtain an Agreement to Examine The Solution

Get the customer to agree to go through your solution with you before making a decision. Your initial proposal provides you the option to tweak it if they aren’t blown away.

8) Ensure That Complaints are Addressed

According to Iannarino, getting cold feet at the conclusion of a long procedure is perfectly normal and expected. In contrast, skilled salespeople will assist their customers in working through their doubts rather than letting their doubts to take control.

9) Make a Decision and Stick to it

To close a sale, salespeople must ask for the customer’s business directly after completing the eight processes listed above.

“It is your obligation to ask for the business after you’ve put in all this effort and secured all these promises. There is more to it than just that,” Iannarino stated. In order for them to say yes, give them the chance.

10) Commitment to Action is Essential

Customers must be asked to fulfill commitments made throughout the sales process, and this is critical. Having a new product isn’t enough to have a lasting impact; purchasers must also make internal adjustments.” “Strategic results are really what we sell. In other words, we don’t sell anything,” Iannarino clarified. According to “The implementation is where they acquire that outcome,”


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