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How to Organise Knowledge Articles Into Categories in Zoho Desk

How to organise articles into categories in Zoho Desk which is a helpdesk software. This helps you to put similar articles together such as product info vs FAQs. This helps you customers to find information faster, find similar articles and help themselves event when you are asleep.

Some people think that self service support reduces customer service. The reality is that most people expect to be able to read FAQs after hours and look for self service support before they contemplate picking up the phone. Being able to solve a customer enquiry automatically within 30 seconds without having to interact with them means that you have a happy customer because they have not had to wait on the phone for 10 minutes.

Even a 1% adoption of the knowledgebase can yield significant savings on employee time cost in managing calls and answering questions. Knowledge articles can be internal or external and ideally created to solve real customer problems. They can then be shared in an email buy adding the text or a link into the email. Referencing published articles saves having to write comprehensive email responses. This can save around 15-30 minutes that would otherwise have been spent sending writing a response. Instead, your team can spend more time building relationships with your customers.

You can try Zoho Desk for yourself using the link here.


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