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How to Earn Passive Income – A Step By Step Guide

There are tons of blogs and videos of people telling you that you need passive income and then listing a bunch of seemingly irrelevant ways on how to do it but oh so very few of them actually show you how to do it. Every time I read one it seems to be the same old thing over and over without being helpful in any way shape or form because they are all list articles with no actually step by step process on how to achieve any of them.

That’s why I made a video on how to make free money from affiliate links in a step by step guide.

I show you a platform you can sign up for that I think everyone should use, its free and if you refer people to the paid plans you earn 25% of the sale. It is a simple way to get started if you have never done it before and once you have done it once you can do it again (its a fine line between pleasure and pain) on a range of other platforms. It’s a way to start the flow of passive income while you sleep.

If you liked the idea of the password manager you can use my link here:

If you liked the simplicity and ease of using Zoho Sites you can click here:

If you liked the idea of the T-Shirt fulfilment platform you can click here:


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