Marketing Strategy "Strategising for Success"

Marketing Strategy and Advisory “Strategising for Success”


Even as the world of marketing undergoes seemingly endless updates and brand new best practices continue to emerge. A robust strategy remains the constant behind the vast majority of successful brands and products. In fact, without a clear strategy, business owners, managers, and creatives leave their empires open to destruction at the hands of competitors.

With the knowledge and experience to assist clients with the development of inbound and outbound marketing plans. We have got your sales and marketing requirements covered, including any and all of the following disciplines.

Content marketing

The notion that “content is king” has driven countless businesses to dramatically increase their investments, financial and otherwise. In this area, and if you ask Google, a strong ROI is likely. The value of placing your brand amongst the top three search engine results for your product or service cannot be overstated. The team at Relevate is well-equipped to help you get there. In the name of boosting your search engine rankings. We can deliver anything from quick keyword research to a suite of word-perfect blog articles.


The process of creating a brand is often long and involved, requiring extensive research and development, but the invaluable asset that is the end product makes it all worthwhile. After all, research has proven that at least three in five customers consciously buy from familiar brands, while one in five have bought a product simply because of its brand origin. When you need to get your positioning right, Relevate delivers strategic experience and comprehensive knowledge of everything from the market at large to your niche target demographic.

Social media

Social networks have overtaken many other avenues of information distribution to become one of the most popular methods of outreach for businesses. Managing your branded social profiles may not seem complicated. But you cannot overestimate the level of investment which your competitors are currently making in social. Our team can offer you up-to-date knowledge on the social media landscape and algorithms. Allowing you to enhance your strategic approach. As well as the tools of the trade which are needed to optimise your profiles and social content.

Product management and marketing

Our approach to product management incorporates several major elements of the production process, including new product development, business justification, forecasting, pricing, and of course, marketing. As is the case with branding, product positioning is paramount to business success. With the help of purpose-built automative technology. Relevate can help you take new product concepts through the processes of development, planning, and verification, and collect the ideal sets of data to help you position your product for success.

As you aim to make your brand memorable in the minds of your audience. The right strategy will be the roadmap towards your ideal outcome. If you find yourself hitting speed bumps and roadblocks. Our team will be happy to guide you towards your final destination.


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