Digital Transformation

How is Digital Transformation done?

Following are some of the building blocks any digital transformation leader should focus on. The majority of the things about to be listed are based on a 2018 MIT Sloan Centre for Information System Research, including a building block not included in this research. While the below org chart gives an example overview of who should lead digital transformation in an organisation.


While this building block was not specifically mentioned in the MIT Sloan framework. Some elements were either implied or briefly mentioned. It has been included in the elements from The Learning Ecosystem developed by Transform Partner in the UK.

As necessary components for a successful digital transformation program. They include in the “learning ecosystem that prepares businesses and organisations for change the following areas of focus:
○ Skill development centre
○ Innovation lab
○ Intrapreneurship
○ External partner
○ Tools and technology
○ Learning resources
○ Community
○ Opportunities
○ and R&D

Continuing with the MIT Sloan Framework;

Operational Backbone

Integrate systems and processes to ensure operational efficiency, quality transaction and master data.

Shared Customer Insights

Organisation knowledge regarding what a customer will pay for and how digital technologies can deliver their demand

Digital Platform

A repository of business, technology, and data components facilitating rapid innovation of new offerings and enhancements.

Accountability Framework

Clear ownership of and coordination among a growing set of digital offerings and components.

External Developer Platform

A digital platform for an ecosystem of partners who contribute to and use the platform.


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