Content Creation

3 Principles Of Content Creation

You know your customer, but do they know you?

Great content is the culmination of a solid strategy, tailored messaging and creative tack. It’s also the key to delivering value and building the foundations of loyalty to your business. However, even with all of these ingredients in plentiful supply, the finished product can still be surprisingly difficult to create.

When you find yourself stalled on the long road to effective content development, you can always refer back to these 3 standard principles, of content creation, for direction.

1. Be Smart

Good marketing requires an unshakeable knowledge and understanding who your target market is.

Given the sheer amount of research dedicated to the field of consumer behaviour, seeking to understanding what motivates the consumer to action, in a marketing context, means we have access to the latest information in consumer trends at our finger tips. Why not take advantage of it?

If you want drive your potential customers to take a particular action after seeing your content, you need to understand how to move them. This starts with something as seemingly simple as language selection. It may not seem like a priority, but the right combination of language taps into the feelings of desire and urgency.

Our team at Relevate can help you identify who your customers are, what they want to see, and how best to deliver it straight to them so they feel compelled to take action.

2. Be Discoverable

Whether you have a number of loyal customers or a handful of prospects, nothing kills a business quite like a lack of visibility online.

Content plays a key part of making sure you can be found on the internet. However, without a carefully selected, strategic, keywords, your content may never be found by your target audience. It’s at this juncture the science of search engine optimisation (SEO), can make all the difference, but you also need to know the best way implement it.

Difficulties often crop up at this point because the rules for content optimisation are constantly in flux and it can be overwhelming to implement this for your business on your own.

As a busy owner or manager. The best option for you is often to engage a third party to implement the necessary changes to help you move your brand towards the top of the search engine.

Our experts in the Relevate team will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your current SEO strategy and deliver comprehensive improvements to your optimisation. Then all you need to do is watch the results roll in.

Developed and used to your advantage, the power of internet search engines is enough to take your business to another level. Because SEO never stops developing. You can count on the Relevate team to deliver the right advice for your business in relation to keyword trends and strategies.

3. Be Consistent

One of the best content strategies is one that keeps your potential customers coming back for more. Beginning with regular content. This requires plenty of preparation to ensure the quality of your content remains as consistent as the delivery. Hence the value of a content plan.

Planning and creating your content ahead of time is not only a great way to take the stress out of your marketing process. It also facilitates a flow of content immediately aligned with your offering.

Our team has extensive combined experience in the development and delivery of brand-specific content, designed to communicate your point of difference in a tone aligned with your vision and values.


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