Wilak Media – Scaling a Digital Agency

Wilak Media needed a way to enable sales teams to create and allocate projects to media teams. Previously it was all down to one person to control and manage everything from sales to bookings to management of operations. They were operating solely through Xero and Trello boards, while this was fine for a while they started to see the cracks appear. 

We helped them implement a sales CRM and operations management system. Hubspot enabled their sales teams to follow up with customers and close deals faster while Accelo helped them to run their business and deliver on what they promised without missing a beat (or an invoice). Now they provide even more amazing customer service and are more profitable in doing so. We also provided them with a social intranet that included their ways of working so that new team members know what to do when they start.

Watch the interview with Ben from the Wilak Media operations team.