Avon Collis

Director of Relevate

CRM & Marketing Automation Specialist


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I help business owners get their lives back by using systems and software. After initially saving more than 40 hours per month by integrating automated software solutions into my own business, I had experienced firsthand that there was a better way, and I made sure to pass my knowledge on by starting Relevate.

I have a background as an Intelligence Analyst in the Army, have run a few small businesses and have a Master of Business Administration, using these skills as well as many years of experience working closely with a wide range of clients in a variety of industries. I was able to combine my passions and help high level business leaders to think more strategically by gathering the right data and providing the right analytical insights to make highly impactful decisions. I have implemented these principles in our own businesses and the Relevate Group now consists of a number of subsidiaries including:

  • Rippa Hosing – Web hosting and digital infrastructure
  • Relevate Consulting – Digital Transformation Consulting and implementation services
  • Lance IT – Managed IT Service Provider, and
  • Relevate People – a Technical Virtual Staffing Agency

The group now spans three countries and has global clients. I grew our business from just me to our team of more 20 globally.

I have knowledge and experience that can significantly reduce the cost and risk of your next technology implementation and help you to avoid future problems by creating the right digital infrastructure foundations. I have experience on a wide variety of software systems and understand their best use cases and limitations. I am a certified consultant on a range of enterprise platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft, and others. I can help you select the right software solution for your business that will grow with you and allow you to take your business to the next level.

My methodology blends management consulting, change management and corporate strategy to help your organisation have the greatest chance of success, to be competitive in the market and to provide a long-term technology growth path as you scale beyond your current and future systems.

The right business systems empower your team to help you achieve your business goals, this in turn takes the pressure of the managers and owners in maintaining the day to day minutia of the business, removes bottlenecks, centralises data and helps spread out the work load. Regain clarity in your business, regain the ability to think ahead and ultimately regain your ability to take a break.

Let me help you get your life back.

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