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Developer Support Hours Get the help you need when you need it

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* Unused credit expires 6 months after purchase date. Time consumed in 15 minute increments.

Build your platform the right way with best practice advice so you can take advantage of all the prebuilt features.


Configure the platform to suit your business's specific needs. Get the guidance you need to set it up the right way.


Connect the platform to the other platforms and systems you use in your business. Build custom workflows and save thousands.


Get help when you need it, training and support. We take care of administrative tasks to keep you up and running when it counts.

Why Dev as a Service

As you work with us you will have a ton of aha moments as you realize how much you can automate, and you will have new ideas along the way. While our goal is to work ourselves out of a job, ironically it never really happens because the growth opportunities continue to expand as your business responds to our work. As we improve your sales processes you then require more staff and the HR systems to support it. Solving one problem in business causes another (growing pains are a good thing). 

Dev as a Service allows us to become a part of your team. We collaborate with you in a shared team space where you can build your development backlog. Your wish list of features functions that you would like to have. These are the things you wish you could do such as a reporting dashboard or a way to overcome a growth blocker. We then meet regularly to go through your list. This helps us to combine ideas, to clarify what you mean, make recommendations and then select the features to put in the development pipeline. This process helps us to be more efficient and build the right things that align with your overarching digital strategy rather than building disconnected features.  


Stand up meetings are an opportunity to show you what we have built, share ideas for improvement, get your feedback and share new ideas. This often works better than a one-off project because we can adapt to your ever-changing business needs and reprioritize development to do the things that will have the fastest and biggest impact in your business.
We work with you on a collaborative task board so that you can share your ideas with us asynchronously. We have a shared chat forum where you can add your team members. You can then, @mention any of our team who will get notified of your comment. The team space allows you to share large files, screen shots, videos etc that are needed for the development of your systems.

Testimonials that will change your mind.


My business was growing rapidly but our CRM had simply not kept pace, and didn't have the capabilities we needed. I reached out to Avon from Relevate and discussed our needs. From the outset Avon was exceptional to deal with. He quickly understood what we needed and recommended a CRM which would fit our requirements. Avon, and the team at Relevate, helped set up our new CRM and went out of their way to guide us through. The results have been outstanding. ZohoOne has kicked us up two gears with some of the automation. I would highly recommend Avon and the Relevate Team.


When I decided to sign up for Zoho One I wasn't sure of what I was in for. Avon helped me to set up my Zoho, but he did more than just that. He supported me to create effective business processes and then showed me how to set that up in Zoho. He provides more than just software training, he is an all-rounder to truly support you in creating the right business processes, then digitalising them in Zoho to work smarter, not harder! I definitely recommend working with Avon and the Relevate team.

The Stella Way

Avon has helped me understand Zoho better. He is very easy to work with and has a lot of skills and knowledge. Also he is very friendly, helpful and approachable. This helps when you want to understand and use the system to effectively manage your business. I would recommend his services.

Jensen IP Analysis


$USD 3680 /Month Ex. GST

16 Hours Per Month

Fortnightly Standup

Task Backlog

Monthly Releases

Standard Support



$USD 5280 /Month Ex. GST

24 Hours Per Ponth

Weekly Standup

Task Backlog

Monthly Releases

Priority Support

Monthly Mini-Projects


$USD 7040 /Month Ex. GST

32 Hours Per Month

Weekly Standup

Task Backlog

Monthly Releases

Priority Support

Monthly Mini-Projects



Same package options as a prepaid pack of hours

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