The App for Tradies

Trade services such as plumbing, carpentry, electricians and others need a way track and manage their business.

  • Invoicing
  • scheduling
  • Field Service Management 
  • Payments
  • more
Tracking your team on the go can be difficult. Efficiently quoting for jobs can make or break your business. You are more likely to win the job if you respond quickly, can answer their questions, can quote first and present yourself professionally. You are also more likely to get repeat business.

If you would like to bring to power of automation to your business, talk to us at Relevate. 

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SMS your customers

Let your customers know you are on your way, remind them about appointments, ask them for reviews and more.

Field Service Management

Route your team to the job faster with map view, locate your nearest team member, re-route them to the job, adjust schedules on the fly, take payment on the spot. 

How we help

Relevate is a systems consultancy that helps small businesses to implement systems and software to assist with building game changing automation. We help with implementation, training and advice. 

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