Peta Marshall

Peta Marshall

BA Psych

Digital Transformation Consultant


I am passionate about minimising the impacts of digital transformation on your business and people. I will help you transform your culture by delivering new technologies and building sustainable change capabilities to make the new digital way of working fun and easy for your customers and teams to adopt.

I have spent my career working with business and technical teams to modernise operations across various industries including government, private, global, charities including small medium and large organisations. By using a people friendly approach, I have learnt you can achieve amazing things with your teams and technology.

To enable a fast return on your technical investment, my speciality is to understand your business problems, pain points and growth opportunities, and then support your organisations and teams to adopt the new digital ways working in partnership with our technology specialists. I will help your teams see data as a key business asset which is to be nurtured during day-to-day business.

I am qualified psychologist with 10+ years’ experience supporting organisations transform to their digital way of working. My goal is to ensure no organisation is left behind as the digital disruption accelerates over the coming years, so don’t hesitate to contact us, as there is a digital solution to modernise your business waiting for you.

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