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How to give your business a brain and teach it to grow itself.



Tons of tools techniques that you can use to help you scale from just you to an Army of workers and systems that grow your business while you sit back and give directions.

What you will learn

Business owners are constantly in a vicious cycle of being the only one that can do everything. 

This book will help you turn your business into a beast that can feed and grow of its own free will. In this book you will learn how to bring together the systems to make the beast a living breathing organism that grows, all you need to do is keep a hold of the leash. 

Empower systems and people to grow the business for you by using, technology, process and culture to get and grow the business of your dreams. 

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About the Author

Avon Collis

CRM and Marketing Automation specialist. 

I help business owners get their lives back using systems and software. Saving more than 40 hours per month by integrating automated software solutions into my own business, I had experienced firsthand that there was a better way, and I made sure to pass my knowledge on by starting Relevate.

I have an MBA (Marketing), as well as many years of experience working closely with clients. I have implemented systems that saved me five minutes at first, then 5 hours, then more than an entire working weeks’ worth of production time each month. Those systems have made errors structurally difficult to make, and as a result, I rarely make mistakes, and enjoy the benefits of completing my work correctly on the first attempt. I implemented one system that cost $4k, but it also saved me 20 hours in labour per month. The benefits grow to over $30k in value if the net yield of my system in terms of time saved and enhanced efficiency are combined. Since then I have done so much more to improve productivity, efficiency and ROI outcomes, and I can help you do the same.

Let me help you get your life back.

Getting to where you are going takes more than just you. Build a team and culture that grows itself by creating the right conditions that allow innovation, growth, learning, commitment and determination. Without these things, your team will just be a group of people that say yes when you tell them to do something but don’t do anything if you are not there to drive it. The whole point of building a beast that builds itself is so that you as the business owner can take a break, can start to manage the operation instead of getting trapped in the minutiae of everyday business. 

Help your team and your customers help themselves

Create systems and processes that allow people to self solve problems without constantly coming to you. This helps to save your time for higher level tasks. When I started out in business I was working 12 hour days 7 days per week. I needed a better way, this became evident when I got a call at 5am by my team on my one day off in ages that something wasn’t working. I went in and fixed it in 5 seconds and decided to record a video on it. From that moment on I worked really hard on creating knowledge articles on how to do everyday tasks. This saved my sanity, my sleep, made my team happier, allowed us to fix problems faster and allowed me to get the management thinking time to do bigger and better things. 

Get the Book and get time and control back in your life.

Use Automation to increase your effectiveness

Automation is almost par for the course in today’s economy but it seems out of reach or for big business only. A common misconception.

Automation is for everyone. The key foundation for any automation is the collection, sorting and storage of data. Then you can run automation rules on that data but if the data is never collected or it is inconsistent then the automation rule cannot run. If you wanted to send an email to a manager every time you had a customer that was wearing blue then you would need to have a survey fields that asks the question “is the customer wearing blue – Yes/No”. This would then allow you to send an email triggered by that question box being entered as yes.

Two issues arise from this that you need to address:

  1. Are your team going to complete the survey every time?
  2. Are they going to write yes or yeah or sort of.
Addressing these comes from anticipating human behaviour and building the system to defeat non completion and incorrect data entry. Put simply a compulsory yes/no dropdown box with a required field that is embedded in some other mandatory process. This requires good process design and good team culture.
Put this in place and you will know that your team are doing what they are supposed to do without you watching.


Get the book now to help your team and your business help you grow