Kat Sorbello

Kat Sorbello

BA Human Resources Management & Personnel Administration

Learning & Development Designer


👋 Hi, I’m Kat a Learning & Development Consultant turned Online Course Creator Consultant supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners to scale their knowledge through online courses!

In 2008 I started my journey in learning and development. Since then I have worked in both educational institutions and private organisations designing and delivering accredited and non-accredited training.

I constantly observe a strong enthusiasm in creating an amazing learning journey, but a struggle in taking the first step.

This motivates me to support entrepreneurs and small business owners to be able to scale their knowledge through online courses while offering an engaging and focused learning journey – scaling with integrity!

What do I mean? Sharing your knowledge in a scalable and sustainable method that does not compromise your client’s learning journey. To me, that is scaling with integrity.

I empower my clients to build sustainable and scalable business models that are focused on the learning journey.

I am here to walk alongside you through your course creation journey. Enabling you to turn your expertise into an online course that engages your clients and supports them in their transformation.

Connect with me today via LinkedIn and ask me anything about course creation.

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