Business Automation

Taking your business to the next level​

One you have your IT foundations sorted, its time to start focussing on reaching the next level. This is where CRM and Marketing Automation come in to play. Focussing on your customer and their experience with your business will take you to a whole new level. 




Customer Portal
User Experience

Greg's Excel Data...

In a word, Excel is just a tool to store your data and does not allow much in-depth analysis. 


Greg risk the errors may be introduced into the spreadsheets due to each of these processes, which will result in additional costs for your business.

Greg's Business Growth

CRM systems help Steve increase revenue and gain an edge over your competitors by increasing the win rate, improving a customer’s view, and strengthening the pipeline.

Our amazing solutions.

Create one-to-one interactions with your customer that scales with your business. Maximise customer lifetime value and turn them into brand advocates.

The result of our best solutions.

Sales CRM can assist sales people in better planning their daily schedules and taking care of urgent but low-priority tasks in order to ensure that prospects are not overlooked and the most important prospects are contacted on time.

Great solutions one.

Design Your Customer Journey, Service Capabilities, Content Creation, and Automated Message Sequences

How we always get amazing results.

“If  you’re looking to scale your business, particularly from the point of view of finding efficiencies in your sales and marketing processes or your HR processes, and you’ve been thinking about a CRM, then I’d like to share with you that Avon Collis, my friend and colleague from Relevate is an absolute genius at helping people scale their businesses. And that’s exactly what he’s helping us do at the moment. “