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Completing the Journey with the Help Desk

Relevate’s major goal was to assist businesses in growing by developing marketing that people would like. However, when it comes to what drives development, it turns out that the thing people enjoy most nowadays is really other people. Or, to put it another way, they like (and are inspired by) hearing about other successful clients. So, if happy, satisfied customers are excellent for business, how can you get more of them?

We all love and cherish our customers, but the reality is that most of the time, the customer service playbook we employ is designed for the requirements of the organisation rather than the consumer. It’s fueled by tickets, cases, and queues, as well as ticket diversion, ticket reduction, and a slew of other operations. It may give scalability for large teams, but it is not intended to assist your client succeed.

Customers Nowadays Have Higher Expectations

Relevate‘s Help Desk will be our solution for assisting in the development of a contemporary customer playbook.
We’ll be delivering features throughout the course of the year, but I wanted to take a minute to outline our vision for what Help Desk will become.

Personally, I’m pleased about this next step because, in many ways, it completes the narrative we began years ago when we understood that organisations who really Solve For The Customer – in marketing, sales, and across the entire customer experience – would always have a competitive edge.

From beginning to end

We’ve been using the inbound technique for marketing and sales for over a decade. Inbound marketing is founded on the idea that by giving value from the start and throughout the buyer’s journey, a firm generates chances to earn a customer’s business. That process can be summed up in four easy steps: attract, convert, close, and delight.

It’s No Secret That We Began on the Other End of the Spectrum

But we’ve kept our eyes on the big picture the whole time. Relevate’s Service Hub will assist businesses in excelling at the “delight” element of the experience. It’s the natural, if not unavoidable, extension of the incoming vision.
From Participation to Experience

Relevate’s marketing and sales tools were created with the notion that the way people find, study, and purchase items has evolved dramatically since the early 2000s. In 2006, the year Relevate was founded, the key to success for small and medium-sized enterprises was clear: develop content that engages prospects. Relevate created the system to assist in the creation of content, the acquisition of visitors and leads through search and social media, and the measurement and optimisation of that content. And 10 years ago, this enabled small and medium-sized firms to compete on an equal basis with large corporations.

Engagement is no longer sufficient in today’s world. Earning a customer’s business is a comprehensive discipline that includes everything from first curiosity through the sale and on-going usage of the product or service. In 2022, the key to success for SMBs is not simply inbound engagement, but an end-to-end inbound experience.

Service Hub was conceptualised and constructed with this philosophy in mind. Customers want their vendors and suppliers to know everything about them, including what they’ve purchased, who they’ve spoken with in the past, what difficulties or queries they’ve had, and how they’re utilising the product or service.

Small and medium-sized organisations may gain a new source of growth by perfecting the end-to-end inbound experience. The most successful companies of the future will have top-tier sales and marketing teams, but they will excel at making their customers successful and converting them into loud champions who renew, purchase more, and recommend their friends and colleagues.

Automation All the Way to Alignment

Relevate is often classified as marketing and sales automation software services. However, one of the most exciting things we hear from our clients is how our solutions have assisted them with marketing and sales alignment. When the sales and marketing teams are not linked, it is remarkable how much work is squandered that does not provide value for the customer or the organisation. Marketing creates leads that aren’t valuable for sales, and tensions rise as one group wonders why the other is so busy – despite the fact that they aren’t fulfilling business objectives as a group. Some of our clients have seen amazing growth by bringing together exceptional sales and marketing teams that work hard. The Marketing Hub and the Service Hub collaborate to help align those vectors.

Consider the value of connecting customer teams with sales and marketing teams. All conversations with a client will be gathered in one place with Service Hub, whether by email, chat, Facebook, or phone. Not only will the left hand be aware of what the right hand is doing, but they will also be able to exchange a high five at the proper moment.
As a consequence, the customer experience is free of gaps and uncomfortable handoffs from one stage of the relationship to the next. Incorporate the ability to gather input into that experience, and the support organisation will be aligned with product and service development and delivery, as well as sales and marketing, to speed the renewal and upgrade cycle.

Help Desk is a new addition to the Relevate service range, but we think it will be a multiplier for the company’s most important growth engine: satisfied customers.

For me, Help Desk marks the end of one adventure and the start of another.

That intrigues me. I hope you do as well.


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