June 2015

Automation over involvement

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As an entrepreneur it can be more important to work on the business rather than in it. So  how do you do that? The answer is automation over involvement.  Running a business can often it require more attention than there are hours in a day. Sure you can delegate your activities to staff, but you

May 2015

Getting information faster

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How often has a project been delayed because you didn't have the file with you or had to get back to the office to do something? There are lots of occasions that could have gone more smoothly if you had the details then and there. Invariably these are the items you need and not the

April 2015

Forming an idea of the big picture

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I sometimes see great software but have no idea of how to apply it to my own business.

Why money is time and why being efficient matters

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On the 31st of March, at 1.30 am, I celebrated the birth of my baby girl. The next five days were a blur, late nights, broken sleep and dirty nappies. But through effective systemisation and automated reporting I was able to leave my business completely and not worry about anything. I am only a year