CRM Development

We can help you build and manage a CRM. We will work with you to get your design just right and build your CRM to suit your business needs. This gives you the power to have a better understanding and better relationships with your customers. We help with:

  • • Infusionsoft
  • • Keap
  • • Zoho CRM
  • • Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you have a more complex project in mind we can assist you with that too

We strongly recommend the use of Marketing Automation software in conjunction with a CRM. We can also help you manage everything that happens after your customer visits your website such as lead tracking, sales management and operational processes by using Marketing Automation and CRM software together. Please ask one of our consultants about our other services.


This platform allows you to have 100 custom fields, it can integrate via API or middleware such as Zapier. It has an ecommerce module and can be used as the back bone to many other systems such as membership sites, subscription business and so on.


Much like Infusionsoft, Keap allows you to create customer journeys, manage pipeline stages and track notes/conversation history. It assists in making your business more valuable by having a database on your customers.

Zoho CRM

This is a highly customisable CRM that can scale and allows you to manage a range of other applications within it. It is highly customisable and allows you to do a lot more work by creating workflow processes and macros to automate tasks within the CRM. You can also use the blueprint function to create clearly defined and easy to follow processes for front line staff.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

This Enterprise grade CRM is the backbone of many large financial and legal institutions because of its recognised legacy capabilities. It passes the Audit test by many industry bodies and allows you to store immense data while seamlessly integrating with the suite of Microsoft tools. It is also well complemented by Click dimensions which is the Marketing Automation plug in.

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