October 2015

Xero payroll is fine, until you have more than 10 employees!

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Bold on software exists to help you when you need a more specialised payroll solution for your team

May 2015

Why change it if it works? 

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Blood letting was once a legitimate medical practice (the 18th century practice of draining 'bad blood' for medicinal purposes) and so was burning witches. Over the years, society has grown with new realisations and technologies. Some people have embraced the new while others fear it. Businesses are no different. One of the worst things you

March 2015

Introducing Relevate

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Hi, My name is Avon and I love efficiency. This is my first post for Relevate, which in Latin means to lighten or to restore ones stature. When I got into the business I thought "there has got to be a better way". I have automated as many processes as possible and used technology, and outsourcing to