Last month I worked 12 days straight with most of those being 12 hour days. Between studying a degree and being a parent there is little time for rest or loitering on the couch. At the end of that 12 day stint, when I finally stopped, I got a fever. Whilst its a little excessive to receive and carry 100 boxes of stock up three flights of stairs while trying not to pass out, it was what I needed to do to get the job done.

Your grit and determination must survive the battle and the war. It’s not over until the business is sold and fully handed over or shut down. Set your sights for long past your business sale date because you have a duty to run it in the same way you otherwise would if you were not selling it and there may be delays, the buyer may pullout. Any number of road blocks may pop up. If it turns out that the sale falls through the last thing you want is for the figures to decline because you took your foot off the gas. That will certainly make it harder to find the next buyer. Keep going until you reach the stars.

If you feel like giving up, remember that its your reputation on the line and that your in it too deep to give in. Your customers your staff and your family depend on you. get through it all over and over day to day and in the long term it will pay off.

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