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Transitioning from a “vision” you have for your organisation to achieving that goal requires creating a sound and robust strategy that will detail the initiatives and actions designed to achieve it.

The right strategy will dictate where and when you allocate your resources and sets you on the right path to success. 

An effective strategy will enable your organisation to collaborate and innovate the right solutions better, maximise your efforts and reduce wasting precious resources.

We can assist you in identifying the right people, processes, and tools to help you achieve your business outcome. We specialise in not only implementing CRM solutions, but we also provide marketing advisory services to cover your entire sales and marketing requirements. We have experience creating inbound and outbound marketing plans for content marketing, brand, and social media. We also specialise in product management and product marketing.

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Cultural transformation is an essential pillar to digital transformation.  We provide the consultative and advisory services that would help you determine the best course of action for your people, processes, and tools.

Moving a large organisation to a new way of thinking is a large undertaking. This often requires consultation, organisational change management and technology development. We can help you innovate in the digital space, prepare your people for the change and help you step into a new era, ready for the future.

Once we have identified the primary outcome for the business transformation program, and made sure we’ve accounted for the cultural changes required to drive the transformation, we will leverage our pool of preferred solution vendors to find you the right one that integrates well with your people and processes.

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Customer Relationship Management/Marketing Implementation​ & Operations

We are certified on Salesforce, Keap/Infusionsoft, Zoho One and Microsoft Dynamics.

We are experts in CRM and can work in any platform you have. We help with planning and preparing the organisation for the change, design and implement your CRM solution.

We can help you unlock value through the data you collect and help you to create management systems that assist you track everything you have in your business in an intelligent way without using spreadsheets and risk data loss or errors. CRM software can be really powerful, but you need to bring together the right team and choose the right CRM System to be truly successful.

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In a world where Marketing and Sales work together as a single function with the same objective of either acquiring new customers or maximising revenue from existing customers, an effective funnel is one that combines all elements of the customer journey.

As the start of journey is the customer’s identified need, or problem to solve. At the open end of it is the moment that same customer advocates for your company and continues to be your customer.

That customer journey and the relevant touch points can be mapped, and in some cases automated.

We offer the possibility for you to communicate with your customers on a personal level, at scale. We provide recommendations and systems that move the client through the customer journey, whether you are in lead generation or demand generation mode. We prefer to employ a “prospect generation” attitude that nurtures and builds a relationship with your customers.

Once they become a customer you can onboard them effectively, show them other products and services and turn them into brand advocates. 

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Our Executive-as-a-Service offering covers the need for a senior executive in an organisation without the administrative and cost elements associated with a permanent function.​

Our Fractional executive service provides broad-based and on-demand perspective around best practices in product management, digital strategy & digital solutions, customer acquisition, sales pipeline development, and marketing execution. ​

Who needs a fractional executive? ​

Companies that have existing teams that need executive level guidance, perspective, and leadership. ​

CEOs and other Sr Executives who would like an independent, outside perspective on their business, strategy, and tactics. ​

Companies who are planning on hiring a VP Marketing, CMO, CDO, CPO role that want to get a running start and take the time to find the right hire. ​

The work of a fractional executive includes both strategic elements as well as tactical execution, which may include: ​

  • Target market & buyers​
  • Sales pipeline execution​
  • Content strategy and execution​
  • Metrics and measurements​
  • Product strategy​
  • Digital strategy​
  • An executive voice​

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Salesforce is an amazing platform and can take your business to new heights and growth. The platform is highly customisable and can fit almost any business model. It brings together the power of data and automation. At Relevate, we believe in continuous improvement and recognise that your business is constantly changing.

If you’re not ready to hire a full-time admin then consider having one on call for a few hours per month. We have a range of package options to suit your needs. We can help you to:

  • Improve your workflows
  • Manage access and permissions
  • Troubleshoot
  • Build new features
  • Build automations
  • Suggest new optimisations
  • Increase adoption


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We know that content helps to create awareness of your brand and demand for your services. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with content for your own business and to create fresh and new SEO optimised content on a regular basis. That is why we offer content creation services.

Get regular copywriting and SEO keywords for your blog every month and help your business to attract the right attention. Contact us today to find out how we make this easy for you. 

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Bespoke solutions for unique customers

We offer a bespoke solution that fits our customers like a glove.

So Much More

We have a team of professionals ready to bring your project to life, whether it is building a website, content creation or custom software coding we can help. We can manage all stages of the client lifecycle and assist, not only in designing the customer journey but building it piece by piece.   

We have a large volume of known liked and trusted partners that can help with a range of products and services. Let us leverage our network for you and save you the risk of choosing an untested vendor in the dark.  We can assist with Copywriting, Video, Photography, Graphic Design and more.

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