Digital Business Mentoring

Need to bounce ideas off someone who has done it before? We can help you have all of those “aha” moments that make you realise why should or should not do something in your business. Leverage our experiences and avoid the pitfalls and traps that commonly ruin business owners. Keep yourself accountable by setting goals with your mentor to make sure you meet your business objectives.

50% of Australian businesses are not taking up digital business strategies. According to Deloitte 70% of Australian Businesses don’t have a CRM and 95% of those that implement one experience benefits. These are staggering statistics, particularly when Xero put out a statistic saying that business that have 5 or more apps grow net profit 30% faster.

In the age of Automation, if you are not investing in IT you will quickly become irrelevant. Another study showed that businesses that spent more than 3.5% of turnover on IT grew 4X faster than those that spent less.

There is a lot to take in and the learning curve can be massive. At Relevate, we help you to understand what it is you need and how you can implement systems in your business to assist growth, manage staff, get customers and increase the value of your business. All while you get more and more time back for yourself.

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Hi I am Avon, and here is a case study interview with Steve Brennan who is creating an online course and a web presence around his property development sourcing business.

I have been helping steve break though some content generation and technology barriers to get on track with developing his course.