It’s important to be ready to shift to new technologies or processes in any business. Getting too comfortable means that you will quickly become a dinosaur. There are countless examples of where companies have reached the top only to be cut off at the knees by a fresher and more innovative company. Just look at Microsoft, they released the tablet computer 10 years before apple ever did and yet apple were able to make a simpler and more affordable product.

Even if you don’t yet need a outsourcer or don’t like the idea of it, get your business into the cloud. You could find yourself needing help one day. It’s better to shift to the cloud in your own time than it is to do a mad rush when you all of a sudden need to work online. That way when you need something done, it’s just a decision of where to hire. Based on costs you might virtually hire a contractor from another state or even another country.

Start small, hire a fractional employee, someone who fills gaps without being full-time or part-time and without worrying about employment law or excessive contractor rates. Just tender a job on one of the May platforms interview and hire as needed.

Keep it simple. Break down your job into parts. If you need data manually converted from one format to another and it is repetitive then anyone can do it. All you need to do is point them in the right direction and let them go. If you are worried that they won’t do it properly then record your screen as you do it and they will follow it exactly. With so many talented employees in the virtual employee space, it’s not what you know how to do but how good you are at writing instructions.