Four Simple Solutions

Below are some simple systems to give you an idea of what is possible. Please take some time to look at the products online. After a detailed assessment, we can help you find the right combination and link these with other suitable BPO systems for your specific needs.

Password Management

Lastpass – This is an SSO (Single Sign On) password vault. It stores your passwords for all of your online accounts, no more forgotten passwords. It is great for all of those once a year logins or you can structure your accounts into folders that are relevant to departments. Free initial account, premium is $12 per year and is very much worth being able to use the app to get complex data anywhere. Save at least five minutes a day, very handy.

Task Management

Todoist – This is a free app that you can use to set reminders and to-do lists. It is also a great way to be able to work with us. You can track tasks and project, for example implementing any of these systems that are recommended in this table. it is free and costs $3 p.m. for the premium version. You can also set up accounts for staff, delegate tasks to them and see when they get completed.

PDF Your Photos

TinyScan – This app has a free version but I recommend paying the one off fee of $5 for the app. This has multiple uses as it is a PDF scanner. If you want a cheaper solution of receipt management, just scan the receipt and send it to your accounting software inbox (we can help you find this) and code it yourself. This is found in the app store. As a PDF scanner it works well for sign scan and send. Much quicker than waiting till you get home to do it on a clunky printer that is likely to get jammed.

Time Tracking

Toggle – this is a free app if you want to charge by the hour. This app is so simple you are more likely to use it. It can be great to measure anything and can be used to help to find time efficiencies in the time you take.

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