Avon Collis

Director of Relevate

CRM & Marketing Automation Specialist


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I help business owners get their lives back by using systems and software. After saving more than 40 hours per month by integrating automated software solutions into my own business, I had experienced firsthand that there was a better way, and I made sure to pass my knowledge on by starting Relevate.

I have an MBA (Marketing), as well as many years of experience working closely with clients. I have implemented systems that saved me five minutes at first, then 5 hours, then more than an entire working weeks’ worth of production time each month. Those systems have made errors structurally difficult to make, and as a result, I rarely make mistakes, and enjoy the benefits of completing my work correctly on the first attempt. I implemented one system that cost $4k, but it also saved me 20 hours in labour per month. The benefits grow to over $30k in value if the net yield of my system in terms of time saved and enhanced efficiency are combined. Since then I have done so much more to improve productivity, efficiency and ROI outcomes, and I can help you do the same.

I have the knowledge and experience that can reduce, by an order of magnitude, the time and money you would otherwise spend familiarising yourself with new tools and getting systems established and off the ground. I have trialled thousands of software systems and understand their best use cases. I can find you off-the-shelf software that is easy to use, integrates well with your other systems, and will get more work done in less time.
Refresh your mindset and approach business the right way; discover the skills you already have you can use to turbo charge your business. I have suffered through the tedium of manual processes and have spent many a late night trying to make it work. I understand the pain that many business owners go through, and I can help you find your shortcut through the learning curve.

Let me help you get your life back.

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