My Name is Avon,

I help small business owners get their life back by using systems and software. I started my business after saving more than 40 hours per month in my own business. After realising that there was a better way. I made sure to pass the knowledge on by starting Relevate. While I have saved significantly more time since, I used to work 12-hour days and come home to 3 hours of paperwork. I spent so many nights redoing things and fixing mistakes because I was so tired and did not have time to go looking for ways to fix things. One day I got sick of my work and redo paradox that I decided it was time for a change. I spent months, if not years working on ways to improve my situation. I implemented systems that saved me five minutes at first, then 5 hours, then more than an entire working week each month. Those systems made it difficult to make mistakes and I was not constantly chasing my tail. I implemented one system that cost $4k but saved me 20 hours per month and more than $30k in the combined effect of my time and the effectiveness of what I was doing. Since then I have done so much more and can help you to do the same. I can help you to improve your situation and save you a ton of time in the long run.

I have run a few small businesses and have gone through all the pain and time spent in making each one a reality. I have the knowledge and experience to save you immense amounts of time and money spent in figuring out the right tools to use and how to get set up the right way. I have trialled thousands of software systems and understand their best use cases as well as how to select the right off-the-shelf software that is easy to use, integrates well with other systems and gets more work done in less time.

Get your mind-set right and approach business in the right way, discover what skills you already have that you can use to turbo charge your business. I have been through all the pain of doing manual processes and have spent many a late night trying to make it work. I understand the pain that many business owners go through and can help you to short cut the learning curve.

Let me help you to get your life back.