My name is Avon and I love efficiency. This is my first post for Relevate, which in Latin means to lighten or to restore ones stature. I own a busy CBD cafe, these types of businesses are generally very labor intensive and involve long days, and late nights doing paperwork.

When I got into the business I thought “there has got to be a better way”. In the last 12 months I have automated as many processes as possible and used technology, and outsourcing to gain an extra 40 hours of my life back per month. That is one whole working week of admin for the franchise, the tax office, payroll and whole lot of other little things.

The time saved on repetitive tasks allows me to offset the cost of a casual employee, or to take a step back and have a rest.

Relevate came about as a way to help all of the weary 12 hour a day business owners to find a better way. In the coming posts I will talk about different efficiency gains that I have either tested or helped to implement for one of my clients.