How often has a project been delayed because you didn’t have the file with you or had to get back to the office to do something? There are lots of occasions that could have gone more smoothly if you had the details then and there. Invariably these are the items you need and not the ones you have prepared. 

Cloud data and accessibility from any device are an important part of modern business practices. Like it or not, as the business owner, it is your loss if something doesn’t go to plan. It’s never fun to get calls from your team on your day off or during dinner with friends; but, the quicker you can find a solution, send a file that answers the question or set up a knowledge base so they can self help, the better. 

Work life balance is important but there is no escaping that it is often a case of optimising customer service or operational effectiveness. Both of which affect the bottom line and your personal income. A piece of information in time saves nine. 

Set up a self help support portal that grows with you. Freshdesk has a support hub function that is free for three forever. It can be used as a simple way for staff to wiki search for solutions to common problems like “how do I change the eftpos roll?”. It can be set up with photos, video and text that can easily explain what to do. Reducing your ‘how do I do this’ calls and letting you enjoy more un-interrupted dinners and days off. 

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